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Joy, Energy, & Health


Coaching Sessions.

You have what you need within. I will help you find it! I listen, ask questions, help shift mindsets, teach concepts, and help you create action steps to your results.
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Team Workshops.

Workshops designed to teach creative thinking skills, innovation, and problem solving using the tools of art as visual concept reinforcement to take your business to the leading edge.
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Joanna Retherford - Life Coach

Joanna Retherford

I am a Certified Christian Coach, Qualified Listening Prayer Facilitator, Certified Prayer Art & Art Sozo facilitator along with many other Listening & Healing Prayer trainings. I have trained in DNRS Brain Retraining, MAP Brain Retraining as well as other brain retraining programs.
I also teach Expressive Art workshops using Whole Brain Exercises & techniques to reinforce learning, retention, and creativity.

Joanna Retherford
Joanna is a Christian Life Coach specializing in wellness and transformation. She is passionate about helping ambitious women overcome the mind drama holding you back from attaining your personal and professional goals. By helping you recognize subconscious thoughts/beliefs that aren’t serving you well, you can be free to envision your future goals, and together you can create a solid plan to achieve them. Joanna’s three-step framework helps structure the process of healing the brain, mind, and heart, so you can move forward in freedom, joy, and success.
Joanna is a Certified Growth Coach, is trained in Brain Retraining, Listening Prayer Ministry, Relational Brokenness, and Prayer & Healing Art. Joanna helps you get off the train that circles the mountain time and time again with the same undesired results. She will help you create a new path of joy, energy, and wellness forward and learn to fully live into your purpose and reach your goals.
Most recently, one of her clients was able to recognize a childhood belief system that was false and had been the impetus to holding her back subconsciously from making the income she desired in her business. Once identified, and she was restored with truth, she landed two large business contracts and was absolutely thrilled beyond belief. Life transforming experiences are real and available to you.
Joanna is passionate about the mind/body connection, healing, and restoration. She is passionate about helping you obtain and exceed your goals! Along with coaching, Joanna also facilitates team workshops, retreats, and conferences. In her spare time, she loves art, being outdoors, walking in nature, boating, and most of all being with her husband and three sons.
Joanna Retherford - Life Coach


Are you an ambitious woman with grit? Have you been grinding it out for so long your bucket is empty? You have been hustling and making it happen, but your health is declining? You take care of others, but you are realizing that caring for yourself is becoming a priority?
Are you dealing with:

Mind Drama




Brain Fog



Food sensitivities



Three Step Framework




It’s not your fault.
Our brain can get stuck in a stress response (fight/flight/freeze). It is trying to protect us from harm. Which is natural when we are in a dangerous situation. However, it’s not supposed to stay on forever. Any trauma including a surgery, accident, loss, prolonged stress can trigger the stress response.
When the brain is in the heightened state, it can send false messages to our bodies such as pain, inflammation, allergies, all types of sensitivities, irritability, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, brain fog, fatigue... Our job is to recognize it and calm it down. We have so much control over our thoughts. When we change our thoughts, our results change.
The good news is, I CAN HELP YOU! You can live a life of JOY, LIGHT, ENERGY, and FREEDOM! I have blended neuroscience/brain re-training, coaching, and Biblical principles into a THREE STEP framework for women determined to get their life and health back. If you are ready for a joyful life of vitality, success, and wellness, let’s talk.
Achieve through coaching:



Elevated mood/Joy.


Better Sleep.

Goal success.




Danielle Gaylord
Joanna's process was a game-changer for me and I am extremely grateful
Danielle Gaylord, SOS Relocation Services

Session Package

  • Weekly 60-75 min meetings via Zoom
  • Access to me through email and text to support you between sessions
  • Materials included
Some will need more time together, others will not. It takes intentionality and time to heal. I will be here to support you through your process.

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Creative Professional Development


Unleash your creativity and lead your team to innovation and success.

Hands-on Experience.

By using your hands to learn and practice new thinking concepts, you will forge new pathways in your brain, strengthening those new thinking skills. The hands-on art exercises will help reinforce the skills visually and kinesthetically. You will learn to use different mediums such as paint, clay, glass, textures and more.

Conceptual Thinking.

Yes, you can learn to think differently! Art requires conceptual thinking skills. It is a great tool to learn new thinking concepts. Artists naturally use Whole Brain Thinking to plan and execute their work. You will leave the workshop with a new set of proven thinking tools to approach your work, life, and business.

Planning & Strategy.

Innovation requires planning and strategy. You will learn how to “create” an idea and how to “innovate” a new piece of work. You will work through the entire process from vision, planning, strategy to executing the finished product via different art exercises.

Upcoming Workshops

2023 Women’s Re-FRESH Training Day

March 3, 2023 9:30am-2:30pm
This one day training is designed to help ambitious women learn how to overcome burn-out and create a lifestyle that allows for self-care.


Workshops for Thinking Creatively


Workshop in Creative Thinking Skills
Participants will learn the value of creative thinking in the workplace and career. There are proven behaviors that cultivate creative thinking and anyone can learn them, yes anyone! Artivity leads you through a process of self-discovery that can be very insightful. You will learn several whole brain thinking concepts and tools that will help jumpstart your creative thinking. All will be reinforced via hands-on art exercises which visually and kinesthetically help form new thinking pathways in the brain. You will have take-home pieces to remind you of the concepts you learned.


Workshop in Big Picture
Leaders have VISION, you will learn to SEE the big picture. Leaders of teams, business, organizations, and households require vision to see the big picture and set/lead the course for their group or business. Learning to see the forest, not the trees, will help you create and focus on the vision for your group. You will learn to do more with less and think of options with limited resources. You will learn to think through the long-term plan and how to get there through hands-on art exercises that reinforce the concepts visually and kinesthetically.


A Workshop in Wellness
WELLNESS. Happy people (delighted, joyful) are more creative. You will learn why it’s important to your work and health, as well as experience hands-on art exercises to cultivate wellness. Art Therapy is widely used in many healthcare venues. You will spend time creating in a relaxed environment and take home ideas to implement in your personal and professional life that cultivate your personal wellness in this overworked and overwhelmed environment.

Custom Workshop

Have an idea? Let’s hear it! I will customize a hand’s on workshop for your group based on your need.


I highly recommend Joanna for your personal and/or professional coaching needs. If you feel stuck, but know there is a better way, Joanna can ask the right questions and will help guide you to find your path moving forward. Joanna's process was a game-changer for me and I am extremely grateful for her expertise and guidance.

I am truly grateful for your expertise, professionalism, and insight. I know this coaching process is what has set us on a new path. Without your 'intervention' we may not have been able to come up with the plan we currently have set forth for the business and our personal lives. I am very grateful.

Joanna pushed for answers to the tough questions. She listened carefully and understand our positions and the end goal, which she reminded us of throughout the process. She mindfully led us through the coaching while leaving open space for us to come up with solutions on our own. She then 'held our feet to the fire' so to speak. Backsliding is easy and keeps us comfortable, but Joanna pushed for a long term plan that would meet our goals.

Danielle Gaylord

I honestly would say transformative. Joanna was able to bring to light several things that I deeply knew, but couldn't make sense of or put together on my own.

I honestly believe that I am a better person and in a better place because I used all of the tools that Joanna taught me. I committed to myself to be all in so that I could heal in the best way.

I am very satisfied with my coaching experience. I have gone from being completely overwhelmed, oversaturated, and just really feeling like I had nothing left to offer or give.

Stephanie Ellis

Joanna is a great listener, she challenged me to dig deeper into my heart. It was emotionally difficult at times, but the end result has been wonderful. I learned so much about myself.

The authenticity and compassion shown from Joanna. It was real and personal.

Marci Spitznagle

Because of Joanna's encouragement, her skill in helping me push through some hard mindsets and encouraging me to lean into God for His peace and direction, I feel more clear-minded in my decision/goal.
Being coached is such an inspiration and a game changer.

I learned how important authenticity is between Joanna as my coach and me.

I learned that accountability is so very important too. Kept me engaged in my action steps.

Sally Treas


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