Graphic Facilitation

Visually depicting the essence of presentations and meetings

Events & Conferences

Live visual notation of presentations and break-out sessions. Listening, synthesizing and organizing information in large format for participants to see and record. Participants can take pictures of visual depiction to help aid understanding and memory

Strategic Planning

Visual facilitation aids planning meetings by quickly capturing ideas and organizing thoughts as everyone feels heard. It helps keep the process moving forward as everyone can “see” the conversation and the next steps.

Custom Charts

Keep planning meetings on track by having custom templates designed ahead to help facilitate the process. Turn meeting notes into a visual recorded image. Custom charts can be designed in studio after a meeting as a synopsis and documentation of the presentation

What is Graphic Facilitation?

Graphic Practitioners use visual methods to assist learning and communication between groups and individuals. A picture is worth a thousand words. We help people “see” what they mean.

In graphic facilitation, we use images and symbols to create a link with the visual, emotional side of brain, while adding structure. Although an important element of the graphics, the essence consists of the “process” and “content, and not in the nice picture.

4 Types of Working Visually

  • Custom Chart Work
  • Visual Recording
  • Visual Facilitation
  • Visual Coaching

Combo of any above

Ways to use Graphic Facilitation

  • Conferences & Summits
  • Keynote Addresses & Special Presentations
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Meetings
  • Strategic planning
  • Visioning
  • Note-taking
  • Organizing information
  • Custom Charts, templates used for pulling specific information
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Dialogue Sessions
  • Processing
  • Value Proposition
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Marketing, Branding, Identity & Positioning Meetings
  • Individual Coaching Retreats

Benefits to you and your audience

Highly Interactive Facilitated Approaches

  • Boosts Learning for visual and Kinesthetic learners (65%-85%- of population are visual learners depending which stats citing)
  • Increases clarity and comprehension (people see what they mean)
  • Heightens thinking levels (Enables higher level of dialogue and discussion)
  • Saves time and increases efficiency by reducing repetition and redundancy
  • Lowers misunderstandings and helps resolve conflict
  • Increases quality of decisions and understand of commitments and accountabilities
  • Shrinks the need for traditional meeting minutes and reports (The charts become the report)
  • Adds creativity and excitement to meetings

Passive, Off on the side scribing approaches

  • Collects Key info without invasive questioning or interruption
  • Expands retention and understanding of key themes and main ideas
  • Increases ROI for speakers and presenters (documents their crucial points)
  • Builds a visual summary that leaders can use to summarize/interact with
  • Equips participants with a unique takeaway of their experience (paper or digital)
  • Makes for easy sharing and communication of the essence of the event
  • Adds creativity and excitement to your presentation

What clients are saying:

Joanna paid such attention to detail and captured our conference in the most creative way. The unique and one of a kind representations of our topic was a huge hit amongst our attendees! Looking forward to using her again!

Lindsey Bogan

Owner, Fifteen22 Corporate Event Planning

As someone who facilitates meetings and learning sessions, I was thrilled to learn that Joanna was now doing graphic facilitation. I’ve wanted someone to partner with on that front for a long time-and I can’t think of anyone better than Joanna. Her graphic facilitation helps audiences synthesize, internalize and understand the core outcomes of a meeting or training. Even better, graphic facilitation greatly improves retention. I worked with Joanna for a recent meeting and could not be more pleased. She was prepared, organized and easy to work with. She quickly grasped the outcome I was driving to and found ways for her work to help achieve the group’s goals. I’d recommend Joanna to anyone who wants their meetings to be more effective and more memorable.

Kris Taylor

Co - Founder at LEAP Consulting and Founder of Evergreen Leadership: Developing Leaders for the 21st Century

Joanna graphically captured the essence and details of my disability technology conference in a way that made the event come “alive”.Joanna’s info graphics of our conference sessions created a long lasting buzz during and after the event.Joanna was able to help bring our event alive through her amazing info graphic representations of complex topics.I’d highly recommend Joanna if you want to create a lasting visually stunning representation of your event or meetings.

Dustin Wright

Disability Cocoon - Founder

Half Day


  • Pre-planning meeting
  • Up to 4 hours live drawing
  • Up to three live charts
  • All supplies included

Full Day


  • Pre-planning meeting
  • Up to 7 hours live drawing
  • Up to six live charts
  • All supplies included

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