The time for creativity is now.

Business is moving past the era of technology for advancement and into era of creativity. Creative thinking is the #1 competency skill coveted by CEO’s across the business world per a poll by IBM. Leaders will be required to exercise creative thinking and innovation to move their work forward in this fast paced, ever changing world.

Overcoming Barriers

Sometimes we get stuck in the same patterns of behavior and the way we approach our work, problems, business solutions, and leadership.

Unplug and Reset

Sometimes we need a disruptive approach to break old habits and form new ways of thinking and solving problems.

Staying Ahead

Need that competitive edge to forge new paths for yourself, business, or team? Fresh new ideas and approaches are needed to push ahead of the competition.

Team Building

Corporate America has new models of business today. Successful business’ have embraced the team approach. Strong, cohesive teams are vital to the success and heart of a healthy progressive business. Improving communication, creativity, and variety in strength’s can push your team forward to the next level of success.

You CAN learn to think creatively.

You and your team can begin thinking about your business in new and fresh ways. Business is ever changing and you can learn to change status-quo thinking and break-up complacency. You can learn to approach problem-solving and lead in new ways. New concepts will be learned via hands-on art exercises and brain science research.

BE empowered to think like leading innovators.

Business requires Innovation for success in today’s market. Innovative Behaviors have been studied and documented. New thinking skills can be learned. Our brains can be re-wired to think differently. You can learn techniques that help you and your team problem-solve and think innovatively via hands-on art exercises that reinforce the concepts visually and kinesthetically.

Leaders have VISION, you will learn to SEE the big picture.

Leaders of teams, business, organizations and households have to have vision to see the big picture and set/lead the course for their group or business. Learning to see the forest not the trees will help focus on the vision for your group. You will learn to do more with less and think of options with only necessary resources. You will begin think through the long term plan and how to get there through hands-on art exercises that reinforce the concepts visually and kinesthetically.

Joy can be cultivated, WELLNESS.

Happy people (delighted, joyful) are more creative. Fleeting feelings of delight can lead to dramatic increased in creativity.  People who score high on a standard measure of happiness solve about 25 percent more insight puzzles than people who are feeling angry or upset.  You will learn why it’s important to your work and health as well as experience hands-on art exercises to cultivate wellness.  Art Therapy is widely used in many healthcare venues.


Each person perceives information and communicates differently. Teams practice communication exercises and study how their teammates perceive art and information differently.


Brain muscles can be exercised by using our hands, especially non-dominant hands. We teach Whole Brain thinking. Information and thinking concepts are reinforced through hands-on projects.

Art & Creativity

Thinking Concepts are taught via the tools of art and art exercises. Artists naturally use Whole Brain thinking when creating. Vision, problem solving, strategy, and creativity all play a part in creating art.

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