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Women’s Professional Development Retreat-August

DISCovering Your Colorful Communication Palette!  Shelly Bays, Edge Development, Leadership Coach is partnering with Joanna Retherford for this fully day retreat focusing on workplace, team, and personal communication style. DISC and behaviorial deep dive, whole-brain thinking techniques, leadership, and more will be taught sprinkled with hands-on creative processing projects throughout. It’s sure to be an exciting learning experience! Women ages 21+ 9am-3pm $157 lunch and DISC assessment incl.

Rain Date: Sept. 17th  

FOCUS 2021 Personal & Professional Dev. Workshop

FOCUS on Your Strengths! Sharlee Lyons, The People Business, Leadership Coach is partnering with Joanna Retherford for this full-day workshop identifying your personal strengths using Clifton Strength Finder assessments. Participants will learn to identify, plan & visualize their top 5 Strengths and process the info using whole brain thinking techniques along with arts-based training. This hands-on self-discovery/training day will be a powerful learning experience with immediate usable value. 9am-4:30 pm lunch and Strengths Asses. incl.  Early bird rate until Jan. 17th $165

Cost: $179




Breakthrough overwhelm and design a plan for your destination! In this workshop we will set SMART goals, Identify obstacles,  Create direction, and have FUN creating a VISION Board!!!   

Dec. 2nd,  6-8 pm.

Cost $49 all supplies included. 


2023 Women’s Re-FRESH Training Day

This one day training is designed to help ambitious women learn how to overcome burn-out and create a lifestyle that allows for self-care. 

March 3, 2023   9:30am-2:30pm

Cost: $125 Lunch & Materials included. 



Prayer Art is a wonderful way to commune with God. It is a visual language that taps the soul and gives it a voice. Participants will be led through short warm up exercises and prompted with prayer questions. Participants will respond with color, paint and sponges. This is more about the process not the product. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Ages 16+

Feb 24th 6:00-8:30 pm

Cost: $75 All supplies included (4 canvases, paint…)

Sanctuary Series Retreats

Resetting Your Rhythms, Exploring Your Inner Calm, The Blessing of Peace- Half-day Women’s Creative Respites. Each session focuses on creative calm during this time of unrest. We will incorporate prayer, connecting with inner self, with painting and mixed media projects. No experience necessary, all supplies included.  Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm  Aug. 28th


Glass Mosaics

Mosaics are fun, beautiful and easy! This adult class includes all materials and instruction to create your own glass mosaic. Three sessions including grouting. No experience necessary. All supplies included Ages 16+ Evening Session 5:30-7:30 pm. Aug. 25th, Sept 1st, 8th  $90/per session


Fabulous Fall Layers Mixed Media 

Fall is a season of many layers just as we are. Enjoy an outdoor mixed media project composed of paint, paper, and many found objects creating a 3D project with depth and fun! No experience necessary. All supplies included. Ages 16+ Thursday Oct. 1 9:30-12 Rain date Oct. 5th  $45  CANCELLED

Art Journaling

 Art Journaling is relaxing, therapeutic and sometimes surprising!! It is fun and intuitive. Participants will visually work with true inner self to create mixed media pages of graphic journaling. No experience necessary. Journal required, all other materials provided, Ages 16+. Mondays 6-8 pm, Aug. 24th, 31st, Sept. 14th **If inclement weather class will be moved partially indoors $90


Free Processing/Prayer Art Group

I love to serve others and watch God show up!! I along with a few seasoned friends would pray for you and ask that He would speak to you through our artwork for you. No pressure just relax as we will pray for you and ask Him to join us in our art as we create a drawing or painting especially for you.  Ages 18+  6-7 pm Tuesday Sept. 22nd**This event has moved offsite. You will be paired with a season prayer artist. They will pray for you, create a sketch, and mail it to you. We want to bless you!!  FREE!!! Register Below

Hands-on Experience

By using your hands to learn and practice new thinking concepts, you will forge new pathways in your brain, strengthening those new thinking skills. The hands-on art exercises will help reinforce the skills visually and kinesthetically. You will learn to use different mediums such as paint, clay, glass, textures and more.

Conceptual Thinking

Yes, you can learn to think differently! Art requires conceptual thinking skills. It is a great tool to learn new thinking concepts. Artists naturally use Whole Brain Thinking to plan and execute their work. You will leave the workshop with a new set of proven thinking tools to approach your work, life, and business.

Planning & Strategy

Innovation requires planning and strategy. You will learn how to “create” an idea and how to “innovate” a new piece of work. You will work through the entire process from vision, planning, strategy to executing the finished product via different art exercises.


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Workshops for Thinking Creatively


Workshop in Creative Thinking Skills

Participants will learn the value of creative thinking in the workplace and career. There are proven behaviors that cultivate creative thinking and anyone can learn them, yes anyone! Artivity leads you through a process of self-discovery that can be very insightful. You will learn several whole brain thinking concepts and tools that will help jumpstart your creative thinking. All will be reinforced via hands-on art exercises which visually and kinesthetically help form new thinking pathways in the brain. You will have take-home pieces to remind you of the concepts you learned.
It’s not always enough to be creative, especially in the work place. Great ideas need to be executed. Innovation is turning great ideas into tangible results. Leading innovators have been studied. They all operate in the same behavior patterns leading to innovation. You will learn the behaviors and practice them via hands-on thinking and art exercises. You will leave with a toolbox of skills to practice in your life and workplace. Art is a perfect tool to practice those skills reinforcing them visually and kinesthetically.


Workshop in Innovative Thinking


Workshop in Big Picture

Leaders have VISION, you will learn to SEE the big picture. Leaders of teams, business, organizations and households require vision to see the big picture and set/lead the course for their group or business. Learning to see the forest not the trees will help you create and focus on the vision for your group. You will learn to do more with less and think of options with limited resources. You will learn to think through the long term plan and how to get there through hands-on art exercises that reinforce the concepts visually and kinesthetically.
WELLNESS. Happy people (delighted, joyful) are more creative. You will learn why it’s important to your work and health as well as experience hands-on art exercises to cultivate wellness. Art Therapy is widely used in many healthcare venues. You will spend time creating in a relaxed environment and take home ideas to implement in your personal and professional life that cultivate your personal wellness in this overworked and overwhelmed environment.


A Workshop in Wellness

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